User Experience

We will deliver curated experiences helping to tell your own brand story—all specifically designed around your goals.

Client messaging

The client experience is scripted through e-mail, hand written notes, and a mix of traditional and digital communication. The first step to intuitive messaging, creating a thoughtful touchpoint, is to analyze client data. The Marketing team will focus on data management, data mining, data protection, and data cleanup are all managed by your Marketing Manager.

  • Review Acquisition
  • Sales Objectives
  • Service Acquisition
  • Lapsed Service Customers
  • Parts Customers
  • A/B testing messages for optimization


Affinity Partners

Purposeful relationships to leverage client conquest, prospecting, and cost sharing. Through affinity partnerships we are effectively enhancing your brand and improving your relationship with your customers.

Local Tier 2 & 3 Events

Through partnerships with other leading brands, we can together create experiences with a common passion for perfection, an eye for beauty and unequalled craftsmanship.

Community + Giving Back

Local events allow us to embrace the community while owning our geographic space with physical product placement.

Email Communication + Data

The mechanics of CRM + Email

Measurable Scaling and Reporting

  • CRM segments
  • Data Mining
  • Data Management
  • Client Personas
  • Email Reporting

As a best practice we benchmark the inactive customers from the start so we have a handle on how many customers will be included in messaging.

Through the use of detailed data we deliver bespoke solutions for clients. By beginning with the end in mind and thoughtful research, we immerse ourselves in each brand, to identify the essence of each campaign. Next we organize each campaign to produce compelling brand storytelling opportunities and recommend specific approaches, such as content or live event strategies that can be produced across platforms and in various media.

Targeted communication

Messaging tailored to support sales.

A/B testing

What Our Clients are Saying

Jenine Drake – Dealer Merchant Services

“Alex has been and continues to be an amazing business partner. Her passion is infectious and she inspires others to be their best. Alex is a respected leader in her industry and many look up to her for advice and guidance. She loves her craft and it shows in the exceptional work she produces. “

Stephen King – Realty Connect
First 3D printed home sold in the US

“Alex has brought so much invaluable perspective, and insight to my business and its operation. Her knowledge of marketing, technology, branding and systems has opened up pathways and opportunities for my business that I would not have been able to see without her. My gross income this year has increased by over 50% from 2020 and I attribute much of that increase to the addition of Alexandrias Marketing”

Jeff Wibben – Owner – Golf Pro Delivered

“Alexandria adds a brilliant combination of elegance and professionalism to anything she touches. Working with her the past six years, I’ve witnessed some of the most creative and successful event work I’ve ever seen. Every event project has a relevant theme, thoughtful add-ons, and multiple features that never feel forced. I’d recommend Alexandria for a lot of things, namely if you’re looking for a leader to organize a high-profile event you’ll never forget.”

Let’s make something beautiful together.




Marketing Management
Full Access Consulting

Event Production
Email Design
Brand Communication
Graphic Design
30 hours per week of available consulting time

Monthly Cost


Data clean up + Storage
A/B Testing
Email Deployment


Would you like a full comprehensive annual budget outlined? Perhaps you have questions about specific initiatives or brands we have worked with. There are more details below, we are also happy to share case studies and provide referrals for your consideration.

October 2021

More about Alexandria.

With over a decade of beautifully crafted projects, experiences, and relationships facilitated through the love for automobiles, I am thankful that it is still true, this is my passion. Quality is a term that embodies all that I do and embrace. My passion lies within the enthusiasm and craftsmanship of fine automobiles.

I appreciate the sophistication a simple life requires and jump at the opportunity to feel the pinning power of torque.

My experience spans multiple brands and projects including Land Rover, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Ritz-Carlton, Aston Martin, McLaren, Porsche, Tesla, Jaguar, Bang + Olufsen, Tag Heuer, Burberry Private Clients, Allied Marine, Riva, Loro Piana, Tiffany’s, Sotheby’s, Christie’s Auction House, OEM Repair Networks, SalesForce, Mercury Racing, MetLife as well as track events and sponsored racing circuits. I look forward to the future of motorsport and discovering my journey through the experience.