The New McLaren GT at Long Island Sports Cars

McLaren has unveiled their newest model the McLaren GT, and this new superlight model is changing what you know about McLaren. With an engaging ride and ample amounts of luggage capacity, this reimagined GT is more thrilling and refined than its predecessors.

With heavy influence from the classic Grand Tourer, the McLaren GT innovations are built off of what was great to make this new model even better. It’s mid-engined, lightweight chassis constructed of carbon fiber, makes it hundreds of kilograms lighter than before.

These new innovations don’t stop with the body design, as they continue on into the cockpit withthe latest McLaren Infotainment System. This powerfully intuitive system host sophisticated graphics that will make you feel as if you’re piloting a private jet rather than an automobile. The McLaren GT is designed to be as effortless as your tablet or smartphone. To reply to the need for navigation, media streaming, or Bluetooth, McLaren has made it easy to access – right at your fingertips. Other features like an electrochromic panoramic roof and hidden ambient lighting provide additional stylish components to complete the feel of this new GT.

Housing the perfect ratio between power and weight, the new GT is poised and ready for thrilling speeds with the new 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine to deliver incredible power and torque. What makes this engine stand out from the others, is the 630Nm of torque producedfrom 5,500rpm to 6,500rpm. Other unique features of the new engine are the aluminum pistons and ultra-low inertia twin turbochargers giving you a fast response to every move.

Only July 17th, 2019, you’ll be able to experience the new McLaren GT for yourself at an event hosted by Long Island Sports Car. From 7pm to 10pm, marvel at the new thrilling innovations along with fellow McLaren enthusiasts while enjoying delicious food, music, drinks, and other McLaren models like the 720S Spider, 600LT, and Senna. We are proud to provide luxury experiences and first views of vehicles to the entire tri-state area including NY and Long Island.