Rally to The End – Luxurious Road Rally in Long Island, NY

Road Rally’s at Long Island Sports Cars are truly one of a kind.

Long Island Sports Cars hosts one special day of driving each year and last year our rally was sponsored by Sotheby’s. The “Masterpiece Collection,” was a very special road rally along the Gold Coast of Long Island.  Clients and guests set out on the road in their luxurious Aston Martins and McLarens and toured beautiful, historic and luxury homes that were currently on the market. The destinations included Lattingtown, Kings Point, Sands Point, Cold Spring Harbor, Lloyd Harbor, and Oyster Bay. At each stop, there were breathtaking views, refreshments, entertainment, live art to enjoy, and even a golf simulator to practice your drive.

Here is a link to a full recap of our first rally to read more: https://longislandsportscars.wordpress.com/2018/11/28/rally-through-the-gold-coast/

A road rally is a car rally held on a public road, where the goal is to prove proper navigation techniques, safety procedures, and adhering to the speed limits while driving from one check- point to another. Not what you thought? There’s no racing involved, but instead rallies offer an opportunity to take in a scenic route with a friend while simply enjoying the ride. A predetermined course is set, and some organizations even offer checkpoints where participants can relax and have fun before heading to the next location. At Long Island Sports Cars, we care more about the experience and enjoyment from road rallies. Therefore, we amp up the experience by adding a unique, high-end twist to our events.

Next, take a moment to note a few safety concerns we stress during our rallies:

  • All vehicles have to be street legal: Our clients already drive fast cars, but no other
  • modifications are allowed to increase the vehicles performance abilities.
  • Insurance: Drivers must be insured with the vehicle they plan on rallying with.
  • No speeding: No law breaking of any kind; this is a social event, not a day at the track.
  • Minimum of two participants: One driver and one navigator for optimum safety.
  • We also recommend having your car maintained within one week of the event, and at
  • the minimum looked over for safety concerns.

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