Introducing the new Vantage: the successor to a true sporting dynasty



AM 6 Atlanta September 2017 Photo: Drew Gibson

Top Speed 195mph

0-62 mph in 3.6s

Power 503PS

Vantage is raw and instinctive, unwavering in its singular purpose: to overwhelm the senses through its world-renowned design, agile performance and dedicated craftsmanship. Its heart beats with a high powered 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8, producing that visceral Aston Martin roar. A rare breed and a statement of independence on the road, Vantage embodies all that is beautiful in our performance sports car range.  Race track, winding country road or the everyday commute, Vantage is an Aston Martin of outstanding class, delivering a drive so intensely felt that it demands to be experienced time and time again.

AM 6 Atlanta September 2017 Photo: Drew Gibson

Like the archetypal hunter, everything has been finely tuned for a purpose. Sculptural forms create an athletic predatory stance, while muscular flanks and broad haunches express the agility and dynamism inherent to the car.

Aston Martin Vantage 2017-8

The shark inspired nose creates a very strong visual for the new Vantage.

The Front Splitter is an integral part of the car’s aerodynamic design which delivers true downforce, and assists cooling by feeding air to the braking system.

Ultraslim LED headlights are designed to give the Vantage a focused, purposeful expression.

AM 6 Atlanta September 2017 Photo: Drew Gibson

The signature tailgate flip helps give the Vantage its downforce.

This signature Aston Martin feature is accentuated from rear view by the full width, ultra slim light graphic.

Aston Martin Vantage 2017-33

Beneath the rear lights the tailgate shutline has been hidden giving the impression of a seamless, uninterrupted sculpture.

The rear diffuser and central diffuser ducts help generate substantial downforce to keep the car planted to the road.

AM 6 Atlanta September 2017 Photo: Drew Gibson


The distinctive cockpit feel of the interior is one of absolute focus and functionality. A lower driving position creates a more immersive experience, intimately connecting the driver with the car and the road ahead.

AM 6 Atlanta September 2017 Photo: Drew Gibson

The standard Vantage interior is trimmed in Alcantara and leather throughout, creating a high performance sports car feel.

AM 6 Atlanta September 2017 Photo: Drew Gibson

The standard Sports Seats can be replaced by the optional Sports Plus Seats, which provide even more support for performance driving.

AM 6 Atlanta September 2017 Photo: Drew Gibson


The signature ultra-slim rear light graphic illuminates the full-width of the tailgate, accentuated by the flick in the Vantages tail. It provocatively expresses the cars animalistic character in what is set to become an iconic symbol of performance.

AM 6 Atlanta September 2017 Photo: Drew Gibson

The 685 Nm of torque is fed through a ZF 8 speed automatic transmission mounted at the back of the car. The gear box has specially developed software which provides short, crisp gear changes when required, and can also deliver the type of shift refinement and usability which is beyond that seen on dual clutch gear boxes.

By using 8 gears, this enables close ratios, which allow the engine to be kept in its most powerful/efficient speed range for longer depending on driver demand.

The gearbox’s adaptive software is designed to gauge the conditions the car is operating in, along with the demands the driver is making, to ensure the car is in exactly the right gear at the right time.

As opposed to the GT segment–where conventional automatic gearboxes dominate the market–the Sports Car segment features a wide variety of gearboxes, each with their own characteristics. It is important to understand the fundamentals of the competitor landscape to understand why Aston Martin have chosen the ZF 8 Speed gear box for the new Vantage.


The ZF box features sophisticated software which allows our engineers to decide exactly how the gearshifts behave. Various sensors enable the gear box to determine the conditions the car is operating in, along with the demands being made from the car to ensure the gearbox has selected exactly the right gear for any given situation.

The gearbox’s broad range of capabilities means that it can deliver everything ranging from fast, sporting and exciting shifts at one end of the spectrum, right through to smooth, refined shifts when required.

AM 6 Atlanta September 2017 Photo: Drew Gibson


The heart of Vantage beats with a 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Impressive acceleration of 0-62 mph in 3.7 seconds and a speed of up to 195 mph deliver raw athleticism and an enticing performance feel.


The New Vantage features Dynamic Torque Vectoring and– for the first time on an Aston Martin – an Electronic Rear Differential (E-Diff). This differential is linked to the car’s electronic stability control system, so it can understand the car’s behavior, and can react accordingly to direct the engine’s power to the relevant wheel. Unlike a conventional LSD, it can go from fully open to 100% locked in a matter of milliseconds. DTV significantly improves the car’s cornering capabilities and makes low to medium speed cornering far more satisfying. While the electronic differential’s control if oversteer and high speed lane change manoeuvres is also impressive, makes the car feel much more composed and stable at higher speeds.

The benefits of the limited slip differential are:

  • that it improves traction during acceleration out of corners and on slippery surfaces and improves agility whilst accelerating out of corners
  • it allows the car to make better use of the available traction before the DSC system needs to use throttle reductions and brake applications to take corrective action

The car can therefore put its power down on the road for longer.

AM 6 Atlanta September 2017 Photo: Drew Gibson


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