MSO: Inside McLaren Special Operations


Making something that is already special into something truly unique.

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) is a bespoke division dedicated to helping you take your McLaren ownership even further. Cars are created around the owners’ precise tastes. We create your perfect McLaren.


MSO offers five tiers of service, with the ultimate ability to build one-off cars to match a customer’s unique requirements.

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MSO Defined offers personalization options for Super Series vehicles from aerodynamic kits to lightweight components and interior upgrades.

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MSO Bespoke was established to help our customers realize their dreams and MSO Bespoke sits at the very heart of that mission.

#MSO bespoke allows almost limitless customization, from unique paint or trim colours, to making significant changes to materials or even bodywork to create a unique one-off vehicle.


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MSO does not just offer upgrades to existing or new-build McLaren cars. It also produces its own ultra-exclusive models.

MSO Limited is the part of the organization responsible for the design, engineering and production of small series special editions. These combine some of the more popular MSO styling and performance upgrades with bespoke enhancements tailored to the individual car.

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More than two decades after its introduction, MSO is still committed to offering factory standard care to the McLaren F1 as well as its successors.

Although the organization’s size and scope has grown considerably since then, it’s still committed to making sure that every F1 owner can enjoy the same level of service and support that their cars enjoyed when they left the factory.

The Legend Lives On


MSO Heritage delivers our ongoing commitment to all the cars we have produced, helping owners of the McLaren F1 to service and upgrade their cars while always maintaining our exacting standards.




The McLaren P1™ GTR is both more powerful and lighter than the road car, and has been designed exclusively to perform on the track.mclarenp1gtr_testing01

As such, a tailored package offered by MSO Programmes allows owners to experience the GTR on selected Formula 1™ circuits, with McLaren taking care of all logistics and preparation. Owners are also invited to participate in a unique training programme, one that helps them to fully exploit the abilities of this astonishing car.

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