McLaren Sport Series

The Game. Changed.


Positioned directly under the Super Series you will find the McLaren Sport Series lineup.  This includes the McLaren 540C, McLaren 570S, and the newest addition the McLaren 570GT.

As McLaren states:

The McLaren Sports Series breaks new ground by bringing our technological advances to the sports car arena. With a 3.8-litre V8 engine mid-mounted for perfect balance, and a lightweight carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis, Sports Series models offer a class-defining power-to-weight ratio that’s designed to thrill. Along with the breathtaking performance, pinpoint steering, and sense of control that makes driving absolute fun, is a level of comfort that defies its super car looks.

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The goal with the Sport Series seems to be as always, weight to power ratio with balance and lightweight at the core of the vehicle (literally).  Reducing mass seems to be the goal as well as keeping the ratio proportionate.  These vehicles just brush the 3,000 lb mark (or 1,400ish KG) and with lightweight options, are even more nimble than anticipated.

As a McLaren fan or follower you know that these are all qualities that the brand embraces.  As always the coupe is designed to thrill, but now there is even greater visibility, smooth shifting, and overall a great around town drive.  Because let’s face it, the nearest straight away and track experience is a few hours away and you constantly want to enjoy your new sports car to the fullest.


It was no surprise that the 570S is and has been a showstopper among competitors.  The 570S boasts extra power and performance. Options on this model include carbon ceramic brakes, more aggressive styling components, forged wheels, S-tune active damping and a driver-focused interior.  The 570S is truly “for the thrill”.


The 540C  is the most attainable and useable McLaren ever. Highly powerful with a V8 engine, the 540C Coupé reaches 100km/h in 3.5 seconds.


The 570GT is designed for the performance driver who also seeks an every day car.  With additional space, the GT provides fantastic performance and comfort. A rear hatch gives access to luggage space. The panoramic glass roof is tinted in the same nature as the P1 and let’s more daylight into the interior. The new 570GT is a sports car owners dream.


By the way, did we mention that these vehicles will reach maximum speeds of 204 mph? If you are looking for an exhilarating, dynamic and all around comfortable ride; the Sport Series will not disappoint.

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