Meet Mr.Burberry

April 16-17, 2016

Americana Manhasset

Long Island Sports Cars partnered with Burberry Americana to introduce the new fragrance for men, inspired by both the iconic black trench coat and by London – a city of great contrasts. Traditional yet irreverent, elegant without being pristine.

Pre-registered guests enjoyed test drives in the newest model McLaren and Aston Martin vehicles including the McLaren 570S, 650S and 650S Spider.  Alongside the McLaren lineup were the Aston Martin Rapide and DB9 Volante.

Guests enjoyed an exclusive tailoring event presented by Burberry Private Client.  Participants enjoyed their experience (some for the first time) with both the McLaren and Aston Martin brand.  Many were surprised at the ferocious feel yet graceful comfort found behind the wheel of the McLaren.  Aston Martin did not disappoint as it is as timeless of a design as ever.